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Are there any legit publishing companies in california?

Im 19 years old, i have a story finished and am trying to publish it to a book, maybe a novel whatever makes it better. On the down side iam having a hard time finding a legit publishing company that wont totally screw me over and take most of the credit for my piece. please i need help, i really want to fulfil my dream on becoming a published author.Are there any legit publishing companies in california?
First, finish your book before you think about publishing it. The public doesn't read unfinished books, so publishers won't print them.

There's no need to limit yourself to California - your publisher can be anywhere, though it usually helps if they're in the same country as you. All the business you need to conduct with them can be done by letter, phone and/or email. Most of the major publishers in the US are based in New York.

In most countries, there's a book, updated annually, that lists all the reputable publishers in that country. It's usually called Writers' Market or similar. You'll probably find that most of the major publishers (the ones who have the clout to get your book into a large number of bookshops) aren't interested in talking to an unknown author unless said author has a literary agent. Writers' Market lists agents as well. If a publisher or agent isn't listed in Writers' Market, that's not a sure sign that they're scammers, but it's a pretty safe bet.

It's also worth looking at Preditors and Editors (a deliberate misspelling), which lists the same companies as Writers' Market, along with many who aren't sufficiently reputable to be in there, just to warn you off them. Find their website at

On the subject of ripping you off, yes, there are plenty of vanity publishers who are happy to mislead you about what you'll get for your money, but I've never come across one, no matter how scummy they were otherwise, who would try to claim that someone other than you wrote your book. Their whole business is based on getting you to pay them to print your book, which you're not going to do if you see someone else's name on the cover.

Reputable publishers won't steal your ideas or publish your book under the name of someone more famous. Once you've written a few books, you'll realise that the ideas are the easy part. The famous author already has a book out this year, and the publisher is working on the one he's got coming out next year, and he's writing the one that'll be released the year after that. There's no need for someone to spend three months rewriting your book so that it sounds like him.Are there any legit publishing companies in california?
Google Writers Beware--there is a list of legitimate publishers there. You don't have to get one in Ca.Are there any legit publishing companies in california?
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